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Here are links to other sites that we are in support of (or, they belong to friends ;-) -  Maybe we can consider some new ideas about making things work better on the planet -  Let's have some fun while dealing with Global Warming and making things greener -  You're here! Enjoy! Eco Evaluated with suggestions for saving energy & creating a healthy environment  -  After you have an EcoEvaluation, you'll be EcoEvaluated & can work towards an Eco Savvy Certification   -  Oh, you're already here. Enjoy the version of the page that imagines parking locations are secured

Here are other related links (concerns about the planet):

These are related to,,,,

These are related to the work of,,   -  Artist site for Maury King's Reverse Painting on Glass work

A variety of real estate sites for a variety of reasons:                                                              

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